Construction Projects

Provision of Compression Services-Phase V Project for TDE/Tatweer Petroleum

Asset Protection and Security Building Project for Tatweer Petroleum

Pot Line 6 Secondary Bath Crushing Plant Project for Outotec/ALBA

Installation of 3 Nos of Skimming & Treatment Stations Project for STAS/ALBA

Hot Tapping & BISEP Works and Service for Valve Replacement & New Flow Meter Installation Project for ALBA

Supply and Fabrication of 10 Nos of U-Stamp Vessels and 2 Nos of Skid for TDE/Tatweer Petroleum

Tatweer Petroleum Provision of Compression Services Phase – VI Project

Blast Proof Extension of Laboratory Building at CGP-II

BAPCO Enhancement of Fire Protection System (EFPS) Project (October 2019)

BAPCO Replacement of 5 CDU Heaters with Fuel Efficient Heater Project (June 2019)

ALBA GTC SMPP and E&I Erection Project (May 2019)

ALBA Potline 6 Installation of 14 PTA Cranes, 18 Pairs of Retractable Bumpers & 22 Mobile Hoppers Project (April 2019)

GPIC Urea Formaldehyde (UF-85) Project (January 2019)

Bahrain LNG Import Terminal Project (January 2019)

ALBA Line 6 GAP E&I Erection Project (November 2018)

ALBA Compressed Air Facility (CS#4) Project (October 2018)

BANAGAS Field Pipelines & Sitra Storage Expansion Project (October 2018)

BANAGAS Central Gas Processing Facility (CGPIII) Project (August 2018)

ALBA EPC for Water Treatment Plants (DM1 & RO1) Project (May 2018)

TATWEER PETROLEUM NAG LTFD Phase-1 Project (May 2018)

Replace LSFO Blast Proof Substation Project for Bapco

New Well Manifold Facilities EPC Project for Tatweer Petroleum

New Tank Battery Facilities EPC Project for Tatweer Petroleum

RO3 Demin Plant Project for ALBA

AGEP Phase 4 Compressor Station Project for Tatweer Petroleum

LPG Treating Project for BAPCO

#3 SRU Civil and Mechanical Modification Project for BAPCO

Construction of New Compressor Station-7 for BANAGAS

Kero-Merox Project for BAPCO

ALBA Line 5 Expansion Projects

BANAGAS Compressor Station No. 9 & CGP Control Building

BAPCO In-line Blending (ILB)Project

BAPCO & Neste Oil OYJ Lube Base Oil Project (LBOP)

BAPCO Low Sulphur Diesel Production Project (LSDP)

BAPCO Refinery Gas De-sulphurization Project (RGDP)

BAPCO Installation of New Waste Water Treatment Plant facilities

GPIC Construction of High Pressure Steam Boiler Project

GPIC Carbon-di-oxide Recovery (CDR) Project

BANAGAS Design, Fabrication, Supply and Installation of Absorber Column 204-C-014A