Industrial Construction

A wide and varied scope of industrial construction projects is carried out by MCSC. These include new and modernization plants for upstream and downstream oil and gas, petrochemical, aluminium, electricity and water, and other heavy industries. As general contractors, we directly execute the full range of construction activities including civil, mechanical, E&I, pre-commissioning and commissioning.

Refinery / Industrial Shutdown

Since inception MCSC has specialized in shutdowns, T&Is, revamps and routine maintenance, often carrying out the most critical activities for our clients. MCSC is the main contractor to the Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO) for this type of work and has held the contract since 1974. In addition, MCSC is significantly involved in shutdowns for GPIC, Banagas, Alba, Tatweer Petroleum and other key industries. A high level of skill, discipline and meticulous planning are required to meet tight deadlines while observing the most stringent quality and safety standards for working in live plants.

Civil and Building Work

MCSC executed major industrial civil projects for green field and brown field sites including: site preparation, underground utilities, heavy concrete foundations and tanks, buildings, and site finishing works.

Industrial Sewer Lines and Buried Services

MCSC executed projects for installation of industrial sewer lines and buried services. Major projects include Bapco Refinery’s intermediate, clean and oily water sewer systems rehabilitation and upgrade using cast iron or GRE (glass reinforce epoxy resin) pipes. Project scope includes collection of process waste stream contaminated with oil, hydrocarbon and chemicals from operating areas and from the process units and directing to oil separators.

Laying Process Piping and Pipelines

Major process piping and pipeline projects for oil, gas, petrochemical, power and heavy engineering plants are executed. The scope includes process piping fabrication, pipeline and piping installation, testing and commissioning. Work also comprises the installation of above-ground and under-ground process piping systems, which includes the design, detailing, supply of materials, fabrication, routing of new pipelines, tie-ins to existing lines, excavation and burial of lines, casting all necessary supports, foundations, manholes, coating and wrapping buried piping, testing, flushing, pigging, disinfection, and painting. MCSC has completed numerous high and low pressure piping projects of carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel and other special grade materials using SMAW, GTAW, FCAW and SAW welding processes.

Storage Tanks / Silos

MCSC carries out construction and repair by a specialized dedicated team on both fixed and floating roof tanks. The work involves foundations, the supply, fabrication and installation of tank floors, shells, floating and cone roofs, wind girders, platforms, stairways, rolling ladders and appurtenances, testing and coating. Several new tank construction projects have been executed by MCSC on EPC contract basis.

Pressure Vessels & Boilers

MCSC has received the Certificates of Authorization from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) to use the Code symbols "PP", “U”, ‘U2’ and “S” and from the National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors to use “R” & "NB" symbols. MCSC has executed projects of design, supply, fabrication and testing of boilers and pressure vessels for Bapco, Banagas, GPIC, Tatweer Petroleum and Saudi Aramco.

Structural Steel Fabrication and Erection

Mechanical fabrication shop is equipped with fabrication and welding facilities for the fabrication, welding, and painting of heavy and light structural steel items for structural buildings, existing and new process and industrial units.

Blasting, Painting, Specialist Coating & Fireproofing

MCSC has the ability to carry out modern surface cleaning, surface preparation using grit blasting and ultra-high pressure water jetting (UHP) and application of specialist coatings in all types of locations and services. We have considerable experience in surface preparation and coating to the highest standards for marine, wharf, storage tanks, piping, pipelines and other steel and concrete structures commonly used in the Bahrain Industry.


MCSC has supplied resources and experienced manpower to execute refractory projects. Three key projects successfully completed by MCSC are: Alba Calciner Rotating Kiln (York Linings International, UK), Alba Replacement of Anode Baking Furnace Refractory (Gouda Vuurvast, Netherland), Alba Line 5 Anode Baking Furnace (Forter Termica Industrial S.A, Portugal).

FRP, GRP and GRE Piping

Special application piping like Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP), Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) and Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) are executed since many years. These piping systems are installed for underground piping, sewer and drainage, corrosive chemicals, oil & water flow lines, power plant piping, offshore platform applications, and piping in corrosive environment. A team of trained, certified and experienced craftsmen are maintained to fabricate, install and commission piping in a wide range of diameters.

High and Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting

Since 2006, MCSC is providing its services with high and ultra-high pressure water jetting (up to a pressure of 50,000 PSI) and associated activities. Our services include high pressure water jetting for blasting, cold cutting of plates, pipes, vessels, columns tanks and concrete, and cleaning of tanks, exchangers, columns and vessels.

MCSC is a Certified Member in good standing of the Water Jet (WJTA]) Technology Association. We maintain a team of trained and certified Supervisors and Technicians to perform ultra-high pressure (UHP) water jetting jobs

High Capacity Vacuum Truck Services

MCSC provides high capacity vacuum truck (super sucker) services applicable to a wide variety of industrial activities. We have specially designed trucks that contribute a higher efficiency, safety and quality. These high capacity vacuum trucks have an ADR certification, the European certification to transport hazardous products.

Catalyst Handling Services

MCSC provides all services in catalyst handling for reactors, reformers and other process equipment. We maintain equipment and trained workforce to execute this job in a professional way.

MCSC Electrical and Instrumentation Division

MCSC Electrical and Instrumentation Division’s capability is directed to all kind of electrical and instrumentation installation, testing and commissioning works. We execute large and small projects in the field of oil, gas, petrochemical, power, steel and other industries. We also undertake up-gradation and maintenance activities for all key organizations in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The E&I Division has set up a calibration laboratory to perform testing and calibration activities of various E & I installation works for our projects.