Social Responsibility

At MCSC, we are dedicated to corporate citizenship by creating a sustainable future for generations to come. We strive to integrate our long term economic, environmental and social dimensions into the way we successfully operate our business. Our environmental commitment is to reduce the impact of our operations, which enables both MCSC and our customers to function more resourcefully through improved health, education and environmental protection.

MCSC is committed to a working environment that minimizes the risk to the safety and health of all employees. We make every effort to address both the environmental and health effect of our operations by reducing waste and emissions, and sustaining an incident and injury free work environment.


MCSC’s culture is grounded in integrity and respect. This means working to the highest standards of ethical business culture; from the way we choose to conduct business, to how we hire, train and develop our employees, preserve the environment and protect the health and safety of our people. MCSC’s business practices call for an enduring, integrated approach to balancing sustainability with the need to meet client requirements and corporate objectives. To be a responsible corporate citizen, we always lead by example. Our values and integrity are at the heart of who we are, what we believe and how we conduct our business.


Honesty and openness with all of our stakeholders are among our core values. MCSC believes that we can only experience effective operations where mutual trust exists.


Each year, MCSC participates in some of the country’s largest, most complex projects, in diverse and challenging industrial environments. With each project, MCSC assumes a responsibility for safe and successful completion while meeting client expectations and benefiting our stakeholders.


As part of its commitment to being a good corporate citizen and community member, MCSC is committed to a strong set of environmental principles. It is our policy to minimize the environmental impact that may be associated with any of our activities. We work constantly with our partners, clients, contractors and suppliers to improve efficiency, conserve natural resources and reduce waste and emissions. Our employees drive our continued efforts to be the best possible stewards of the environment.

Diversity and People

No company succeeds without new ideas and motivated employees. MCSC believes that the best way to remain a leader means embracing the values, thoughts and ideas from a diverse group of employees and suppliers. With a capability to handle complex and varied projects, a diverse workforce is something MCSC has actively sought and is proud to have assembled. This has helped us enjoy many successes and will help us to continue to thrive in the future.