Hot Tapping & BISEP Works and Service for Valve Replacement & New Flow Meter Installation Project for ALBA

Project Background:

In order to replace 15 Nos of existing valves, which are heavily passing, at Power Station # 4, blinding and positive isolation was not practically possible. For Facilitating the safe replacement of valves, MCSC together with M/s STATS proposed and demonstrated the Hot Tapping and BISEP operation on this high pressure pipeline to Alba.

Project Scope & Highlights:

  • Project Duration: 12 Months (March 2020 to March 2021)
  • Man-hours: 10,307 Hours, without LTI.

Design, Engineering and Procurement of the Split Tee's, Supply, Manufacture and Delivery of BISEP tool and seal, Online Welding of 4 No's of 10" Split Tee's in the Fuel Gas Supply Line, NDT Works & Leak Testing, BISEP Installation - 4 No's, Hot Tapping- 4 No's in 1st and 2nd Phase, BISEP monitoring and removals. Hot Tapping and BISEP works were handled by STATS.

Replacement of 15 No's of 10" Isolation valves in two phases, Pre-fabrication of 1" Bypass Line and replacement, Installation of 2 No's of 10" Flow meter, Provision in existing Knockout Drums with valve arrangement and adaptor to suit the sludge removal, 20mm Tapping and Plugging in the existing flow meter connectors.

The Project execution started in March 2020 and completed by March 2021.