ALBA GTC SMPP and E&I Erection Project (May 2019)

Project Background:

As a part of ALBA’s Line 6 expansion, Fives Solios awarded Gas Treatment Center (GTC) Structural, Mechanical, Piping & Plate (SMPP) Work and E & I Erection project works to MCSC.

Gas Treatment Center (GTC) refers to the equipment installed between the Potline walls (connection with the aluminum pot outlets) and the stack.

ALBA Potline 6 project includes two (2) GTCs and each GTC consists of:

  • 01 Main Fresh Alumina Silo of capacity 12,500 Tons (24.8M Dia X 32.5M Height)
  • 01 Fluorinated Alumina Silo of capacity 850 Tons
  • 01 Crushed Bath Silo of capacity 700 Tons
  • 01 Secondary Fresh Alumina Silo of capacity 200 Tons

GTC also includes 18 Filter Modules, 06 Exhaust Fans, 01 Stack, GTC blower, Electrical room, Gas Collectors / Anode Covering Material (ACM) / Pot Feeding System (PFS), Alumina Handling Systems and connecting ducts and pipes.

Project Scope & Highlights:

The scope of work involves Mechanical, Piping, Structural Package, Equipment Package, Electrical, Instrumentation and Painting works.

The assembly of the Main Fresh Alumina Silo of capacity 12,500 Tons was carried out using “Jacking Method” to reduce the work at height/delays. Each shell course was erected, welded and then lifted using jacking supports to install the adjacent shell courses at the bottom.

  • Duration: 18 Months (November 2017 to May 2019)
  • Man-hours: 3,941,698 Hours, without LTI
  • Piping Welding: 56,877 Inch Dia.
  • Area Painted: 7,996 Sq. M.
  • Structural Steel Erected: 13,958 Tons
  • Equipment Erected: 38 Nos.
  • Electrical Cable Layed: 146,352 M.
  • Instrument Cable Layed: 160,593 M.