GPIC Plant Shutdown 2005

MCSC executed major repair activities in Ammonia and Methanol plants of GPIC during Turnaround and Inspection completed in April 2005. The total planned 21 day shutdown execution program was completed 3 days ahead of schedule with high level of quality and safety standards.

MCSC deployed about 180 employees in different crafts and total man-hours completed were 19,103 without LTI.

Major jobs executed during the T&I are given below.

  • Machine cut and removal of existing Steam Drum
  • Machine cut and removal of existing Ammonia Process Gas Cooler.
  • Installation of 110 Ton new Process Gas Cooler.
  • Reinstate existing 77 Ton Steam Drum.
  • Cold cut and re-weld joints between PG Cooler & Secondary Reformer.
  • Examination of heavy schedule butt welds using advance NDT method of ToFD Ultrasonic Testing.
  • Hydro Test of new PG Cooler and Steam Drum.