ALBA Compressed Air Facility (CS#4) Project (October 2018)

Project Background:

Compressed Air facility (CS#4) is a part of ALBA Potline 6 project which is required to fulfill the Compressed Air demands for the ALBA Potline 6 project. The EPC contract was awarded to MCSC and entrusted with Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning the Compressed Air Facility with the Compressed Air requirement of:
Design Delivery Flow: 59,220 NM3/HR
Normal Delivery Flow: 38,760 NM3/HR
Discharge Pressure: 860 KPA (G)

This also includes Air Drier packages, Cooling Towers, EOT crane and its associated facilities. Engineering, Procurement and Commissioning was done by our “Consortium Partner – BL Energy Co. WLL (BLE)”.

Project Scope & Highlights:

The scope of work for this project includes EPC of Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Piping, Electrical, Instrumentation, Automation and Commissioning works.

  • Duration: 17 Months (March 2017 to October 2018)
  • Man-hours: 381,152 Hours, without LTI
  • Concrete Works: 1,182 Cu. M.
  • Site Grading Works: 2,901 Cu. M.
  • Rebar Works: 80 Tons
  • Paving Works: 100 Sq. M.
  • Stainless Steel Piping Welding: 8,005 Inch Dia.
  • GRE Piping Works: 543 Joints
  • Area Painted: 6,611 Sq. M.
  • Structural Steel Fabricated & Erected: 260 Tons.
  • Equipment Erected: 45 Nos.
  • E&I Cable Layed: 26,208 M.
  • Loop Checks: 1,400 Nos.
  • Functional Tests: 100 Nos.