BAPCO Installation of New Waste Water Treatment Plant facilities

Project Background:

This environmental project was built to ensure the compliance with regulations for waste water discharge. A new waste water treatment plant (WWTP) was installed to treat approximately 3,500 usgm of waste water through API Separator, Skim pond and Induced Air Flotation (IAF) units, reducing the oil and solids content of the discharge to the sea. EPC Contractor of this project was GS Engineering and Construction and MCSC was the contractor for civil construction activities.

Project Scope & Highlights:

This project which involved construction of concrete work tanks was successfully completed on schedule. Tanks were tested for leakage and commissioned.

  • Project Duration: 18 Months (Feb 2011 - Aug 2013).
  • Manhours: 1,364,417 (without LTI).
  • Mass Excavation works - 135,000 X 6 mtr Depth.
  • Filling with Class 7 material - 92,000
  • Filling with class 3 material - 47,000
  • Constructed long bund with HDPE liner for hazardous soil storage.
  • Biological Tanks - Ground level: 1.2 million gallon storage capacity and 6.5 mtr above ground with 12 Nos. of Internal Compartments and Installation of 20 tons of Structural Steel Pipe Rack.
  • Membrane & Batch wash Tank: Partly Ground level and overhead with 1.0 million gallon storage capacity varies from 90,000 to 350,000 gallon.
  • Emergency Pond: Underground, 3.5 million gallon storage capacity constructed within ground water table to a depth of 6.0 mtr.
  • Cooling Tower, Oily Water Sewer Pit, Back Pulse Tank, Unit Feed Pit, Drain Pit.
  • Ground level & below ground level to a depth of 5.0 mtr and storage capacity varies from 90,000 to 350,000 gallon.
  • Tank Foundation: Circular foundations, diameter varies from 13 to 32 mtr.
  • Concrete work:18,500 Cu.M.
  • Epoxy Coated Reinforcement: 2,140 Tons.
  • Structural Steel Fabricated & Erected: 533 Tons.
  • Supply & Installation of FRP Handrail: 2,200 mtr.
  • Supply & Installation of FRP Grating: 1,360