Kero-Merox Project for BAPCO

Project Background:

A Significant pollution reduction was accomplished through the implementation of the Merox process in which sulphur compounds are converted to disulphide’s in an alkaline environment. The Merox process replaced an antiquated, environmentally harmful lead based process thus eliminating discharges of Lead Sulphide (PbS) to the effluent system.

Project Scope & Highlights:

Project scope included Construction of structural steel fabrication and erection, pipeline, piping, equipment erection and construction of cone roof tanks.

  • Duration: 10 Months (Dec. 2000 to Sep. 2001).
  • Man-hours: 650, 000 Hours, without LTI (Received safety award from JGC).
  • Piping: 60, 516 Inch Dia.
  • Total Area Painted: 14, 550 Sq. M.
  • Structural Steel Fabricated & Erected: 210 Tons.
  • Equipment erected: 762 Tons.
  • Heavy Vessels installed: 15 Nos.
  • Installation of Merox Reactor: 100 Tons.
  • Cone Roof Tanks Constructed: 2 Nos.