Bapco HUB 2 T&I 2014

MCSC executed a major shutdown Hub 2 T&I 2014 in Bapco, a maintenance project for the turnaround and inspection of 10 operating units in the refinery. Hub 2 was one of the largest and the most complex turnaround and inspection works executed in Bapco's history.

During the period March - April 2014, the Hub 2 units comprising of the No 4A Crude Distillation Unit, No 5 Vacuum Distillation Unit, Kero Merox Unit, No 2 Salt Water Main, the Vis Breaker Unit and all units of the Low Sulphur Fuel Oil Complex were shut down to complete major planned maintenance work.

Maintenance and inspection work was carried out on 300 pieces of major equipment, 2,700 pieces of smaller equipment, replacement of catalyst in reactors and a significant number of electrical and instrument assets.

At its peak, more than 3,000 men per day were engaged in this shutdown and worked more than one million man hours. The shutdowns commenced on March 14, 2014 and all units were back in operation by April 22.

MCSC deployed about 600 employees in different craft, total man-hours completed were 313,152 without LTI.

Major jobs executed during the T&I are given below.

  • 4ACDU (9 Columns, 26 Vessels, 5 Heaters)
  • 5VDU (2 Columns, 11 Vessels, 1 Furnace)
  • KMU (5 Vessels, 4 RV’s)
  • 2HDU (6 Columns, 23 Vessels, 3 Furnaces)
  • 2TGTU (3 Columns, 4 Vessels)
  • 4SRU (11 Vessels)
  • 1VBU (1 Column)

Key activities completed during this T&I were:

5VDU Column 32C1 Lining

  • Welding completed for 288 Sq.ft of lining on the west half of intermediate section.
  • Blanking off redundant nozzles

5VDU Furnace 32F1 Stack Replacement

  • Prefabrication of the new stack segments (3 Segments) at MCSC workshop.
  • Rig down of the old stack & rig up the 3 new flanged segments.