Bapco HUB 1 T&I 2011

MCSC executed Bapco HUB 1 T&I which was a cluster of shutdowns involving a number of inter-related process units of its Low Sulphur Diesel Plant (LSDP). This T&I was unique and one of the largest shutdowns in Bapco's history. It represents a strategic option for Bapco and serves its expansion plans in future.

MCSC assigned 600 employees in different crafts; total man-hours completed were 148,224 without a single LTI.

Around 320 major pieces of equipment such as reactors, columns, heat exchangers and furnaces were isolated, opened, cleaned, inspected and repaired and more than 1,000 valves of various types were overhauled or replaced.

In this shutdown MCSC successfully completed critical welding of large number of heavy schedule incolloy material joints, 30 certified incolloy welders were assigned on this shutdown to complete the welding.

There were zero leaks on the entire high pressure loop of No 1 Hydro Cracking Unit, during pressure test and start-up of the LSDP Complex as well as trouble-free start-ups on all other units.

Following units were repaired/attended during this shutdown:

  • 1HCU (8 Column & 26 Vessels)
  • 2H2 (21 Vessels, Cold Collector)
  • 2SRU (8 Columns & 32 Vessels)
  • 6VDU (1 Column & 17 Vessels)
  • 3CDU (6 Columns & 16 Vessels)
  • CGRU (1 Column & 9 Vessels)

Major jobs executed during the T&I are given below.


  • Two sections of new cold collector were joined at the open area, east of 2H2 Reformer. Joints of old cold collector were machined out, new unit was taken to position and installed smoothly.
  • Large number of incolloy joints were welded, welding performed at the inlet joint (incolloy material) of PG boiler was found failed during the radiography examination. After several attempts of unsuccessful repair a pup piece was introduced between the inlet tee and cone joint, welding parameters were changed as advised by Welding Experts and welding was completed successfully.


  • Replaced existing primary and secondary dryer system with one double V-bank droplet.
  • Installed three additional 10 inch 600# oulet nozzles to reduce the velocity of steam exiting the steam drum as well as the drag across the new separator.
  • Replaced of 25% of damaged cyclone separators based previous inspection of the internals.
  • Installed new Sodium analyser and calorimeter, including iso-kinetic sample probes on the outlet piping.
  • Completed modification of steam drum supervised by FBM Hudson, Italy and Costa Curta, and to their complete satisfaction.