BAPCO FCCU Complex T&I Oct- Nov 2017

MCSC completed major repair and maintenance work in BAPCO FCCU complex during the T&I Oct. 2017. About 562 employees in different crafts were deployed, total man-hours worked were 230,000.

Following units were repaired/ attended during this shutdown:

  • FCCU Structure (Reactor-1, Regenerator-1, Furnace-1, Misc. Assets-11)
  • FCCU Ground Floor (Columns-2, Vessels-19, Furnace-1).
  • 5 CDU (Columns-2, Vessels-3, Furnace-3)
  • GCU (Columns-6, Vessels-24, Furnace-4)
  • 2 Poly (Columns-4, Vessels-9)
  • 1 LPG (Vessels-5)

Reactor (6V602):

  • Removal & reinstallation of all 8 layers of stripper packing. (Replacement of top 2 layers anticipated)
  • Aqua milling of reactor vapours line until the fractionators column entry.

Reactor Feed Line:

  • Replacement of FCCU reactor feed line as per Project Turn Over (PTO).
  • Total Inch Dia. for the Field is 700 ID in which 65 joints of 5% Cr are covered.
  • 100% Radiography has done before and after Stress Relief.
  • 100% Post Weld Heat Treatment has done.


  • Renewal of Deck # 16 as per Project Turn Over: 02-17-50.


  • Replacement of HCGO Accumulator Tray, draw off box and support structure above Deck #19 as per Project Turn Over 07-17-21.
  • Anticipated replacement / repair of 25 Sq Ft with ASTM A-240 lining panels.