Bapco FCCU Complex T&I Feb-Mar 2013

MCSC completed major repair and maintenance work in Bapco FCCU Complex during the T&I Feb. 2013. About 580 employees in different crafts were deployed, total man-hours worked were 272,988.

Following units were repaired/attended during this shutdown:

  • FCCU Structure (one reactor and one regenerator)
  • FCCU Ground Floor (2 columns, 10 vessels).
  • GCU (7 columns, 31 vessels)
  • 2Poly (2 columns, 6 vessels)
  • 1LPG (6 vessels)
  • 5CDU (2 columns, 2 vessels)

Major jobs executed during the T&I are given below.

6V602 #1 Reactor

  • Around 40 Sq.ft of refractory in the lower section of Inlet baffle was removed, grit blasted and reinstalled.
  • Two cyclones roof / Trumpet mouth refractory was repaired.
  • 7 panels 12% Cr. lining panels were replaced.
  • 11 Panels of SS316 lining panels were replaced on reactor shell below the inlet baffle.
  • 6 layers of stripper packing removed for inspection and reinstalled.
  • WBU performed at eroded locations of coke grid as advised by RED.

6V601 Regenerator

  • 268 Nos. of SS Grid inserts were replaced on bottom cone domed grid.
  • Weld repairs of minor cracks at 11 locations were done on the stack orifice plate grid inserts.
  • Minor detachments of refractory & hex mesh found in primary cyclones 1 to 4 were replaced.
  • 80 Nos. of burning air ring nozzles were replaced.