Bapco FCCU Complex T&I 2009

MCSC completed major repair and maintenance activities during the T&I 2009 of Bapco FCCU Complex. About 600 people were assigned and a total man-hours of 269,220 were completed during this major shutdown.
Following units were attended/repaired:

  • FCCU structure (2 reactor and one regenerator)
  • FCCU Ground Floor (2 columns and 23 vessels).
  • GCU (7 columns, 28 vessels),
  • 2Poly (2 columns, 10 vessels)
  • 1LPG (7 vessels)
  • 5CDU (2columns, 2 vessels)

Major jobs executed during the T&I are given below.

  • Replaced 8 pairs of cyclones including plenum chamber in the regenerator.
  • Replaced five sections of #1RCSP.
  • Replaced bottom half of #1 feed riser including five sets of optimix nozzles and associated piping modifications.
  • Replaced all cyclones in the regenerator along with dip legs and plenum. This was one of the most critical jobs during the T&I.
  • The existing cyclones installed in 1991 had major damages and were recommended for replacement.