Bapco 2HDU Revamp Shutdown 2007

MCSC executed major repair and maintenance activities during the shutdown of 2 HDU in Bapco in July – August 2007. This was scheduled as the phase IV of execution of LSDP Project. inside refinery plant during the Turnaround shutdown between July and August 2007.

At its peak, MCSC deployed more than 520 employees in different crafts and total man-hours completed were 177,156 without LTI. The 34 days shutdown ended on 21st August 2007.

Major jobs executed during the T&I are given below.

  • Demolition of various equipment including vacuum column and 35 other process equipment.
  • Demolition of piping related to all the above demolished equipment.
  • Modification of second stage reactor, pumps, exchangers and 20 other process equipment.
  • Installation of 15 new equipment including pumps, exchangers and other process equipment.
  • NDT & PWHT works for all the heavy wall piping and equipment.
  • Hydro Testing of piping.