Construction of New Compressor Station 7 Project for BANAGAS

Project Background:

At this Compressor station-7, gas from several GOSP’s is gathered into an inlet header and compressed by two-stage centrifugal compressors driven by a gas turbine to about 420psig. The gas is then cooled by air fans to about 110oF. During this process some of the gas is condensed and sent to Central Gas Plant (CGP) as condensate. The compressed gas however contains some water vapour and acidic gases like carbon-di-oxide and hydrogen sulphide.

The water vapour may condense in the pipeline due to natural cooling and the free water, together with hydrogen sulphide and carbon-di-oxide present in the associated gas stream, will form corrosive acid. To avoid this compressed gas is dried in Glycol Dehydration Unit (GDU) located in compressor station before being pumped through gas pipelines to the CGP. The EPC contractor for this project was JGC Corporation, Japan.

Project Scope & Highlights:

Project scope involves Construction of Civil, Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation works and Testing & Commissioning works which includes sub-grade services, foundations, equipments installation, structural steel works, piping works, electrical &instrumentation cabling works, fire proofing, roads, asphalts and control rooms.

  • Duration: 16 Months (Jun. 2002 to Dec. 2003).
  • Man-hours: 749,930 Hours, without LTI.
  • Concrete Works: 1,000 Cu. M.
  • Concrete Paving: 2,500 Sq. M.
  • Piping Welding: 105,000 Inch Dia.
  • Structural Steel Fabricated & Erected: 120 Tons.
  • Heavy Equipment erected and commissioning: 17 Nos. (80 tons).
  • Pumps Installed: 3Nos.
  • Electrical Ground Works: 1,112M
  • Electrical Cable Tray works: 680M
  • Sewage Reticulation System: 500M