Banagas T & I 2014

MCSC executed 2 major T & I and other miscellaneous works for Banagas during the year 2014. Following were the key repair/maintenance activities performed:

  • T and I for Propane and Butane Storage tanks and associated modifications in Tank farm in Sitra Wharf. This comprised of repairs on Shell, Bottom plates and Roof, Replacement of 32 m high Stilling well pipe ( in one piece) and radar gauge refurbishment of heating coils, repair and painting of stairways, civil repair of ring beam foundation, piping modifications and repair on loading pump pipelines and other associated piping work.
  • T and I for ‘On The Run’ equipments CGP1 and CGP 2 and Sitra Storage: This involved inspection and minor repair works on 3 Sphere tanks, 2 bullet tanks 3 Raw water Storage tanks (including painting works on one tank), 4 fuel gas scrubbers, modifications as required on associated piping in CGP 1 and 3 Propane condenser bundles inspection and repair in Sitra Storage.

Other minor Shutdowns executed were as follows

  • Replacement of Flare Stack Guy wires in Sitra, CGP 1 and 2
  • Inspection and repair 2 Hot oil heaters at CGP 1 and 2
  • Shutdowns in Compressor stations CS 1, CS 3 and CS 4