BAPCO Replacement of 5 CDU Heaters with Fuel Efficient Heater Project (June 2019)

Project Background:

Bapco wanted to replace the #5 CDU Heaters with a single High Efficiency Heater inorder to enhance company profitability by significantly reducing the fuel gas consumption; increasing the availability of the unit; reducing maintenance costs; and improving operability and environmental performance. In this project, the existing 5CDU 7F601A, 7F601B and 7F603 heaters were replaced with one Vertical Cylindrical (VC) High Efficiency Heater and Burner Management System.

Project Scope & Highlights:

The scope of work for this project includes Civil, Mechanical, Piping, structure, Painting and Insulation works and the welding scope includes 4,000 Inch Dia. of 9 Chrome & 5 Chrome Alloy Steel joints in Heater Coils with 100% Radiographic Testing.

  • Duration: 22 Months (August 2017 to June 2019)
  • Man-hours: 362,607 Hours, without LTI
  • Concrete Works: 380 Cu. M.
  • Site Grading and Excavation Works: 967 Cu. M.
  • Rebar Works: 35 Tons
  • Asphalting & Paving Works: 1,007 Sq. M.
  • Piping Welding: 14,500 Inch Dia.
  • Area Painted: 593 Sq. M.
  • Structural Steel Fabricated & Erected: 85 Tons
  • Equipment Erected: 415 Tons
  • Equipment Demolition: 198 Tons
  • Insulations: 2,087 M.
  • Fire Proofing: 13,314 Sq. M.